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Why an Essential Services Building?

The Canary Islands Government has a series of services that can be considered essential for people who live and visit the islands. These services are generally provided twenty-four hours a day, throughout the year (24 x 7).

This project responds to the need to generate the development of a project capable of bringing together and coordinating the actions and resources of all these infrastructures in a building support with high technological benefits, strategically located in the territory and adapted to the criteria of sustainability in the face of change. climate change and be more efficient not only from an economic point of view, but mainly from an operational point of view and to guarantee the operation of these services in adverse situations.

It is, therefore, the new construction of two physical buildings although a single logical one, which allows housing the essential services that must be in permanent operation to guarantee the continuity of the provision of the essential services of the Government of the Canary Islands.

The ESE’s mission is to serve as an instrument for improving the provision of services, both in ordinary situations and in the event of an emergency or crisis, of the operational resources of the Government of the Canary Islands, through optimization, cooperation and coordination, to achieve greater efficiency in the provision of public services and obtain the satisfaction of citizens and visitors.

General characteristics

Icono de Edificios

Two twin buildings, efficient and sustainable

Icon of a clock passing the time

Designed for the needs of the year 2030

emergency icon

Critical infrastructures in operation 7x24x365

Icon of a world with different weather emergencies

Designed to withstand weather and geological emergencies

Operating autonomy icon

Extended operating autonomy (1 week)

Icon of a Helipad

Helisurface. Recharging areas for vehicles, drones and automata

Hosted services

emergency services icon

of emergencies

  • 112 Canarias
  • Health emergencies
  • Firefighters
  • Emergency and Rescue Group (GES)
  • Maritime Rescue
security services icon

of security

  • Autonomous Police Corps
  • Local police
  • National Police Corps
  • Civil Guard
  • Patrimonial security
Icon of essential services and attention to people

Essential Services
and People Care

  • Information and Citizen Attention (012)
  • Infohealth (061)
  • Scheduled medical transport
  • Social telecare
  • Red Cross
  • Other services (Fishing inspection, Coasts, Tunnels, Traffic, Involcan, …)
Technology Services Icon

of technology

  • Cybercenter
  • Data Processing Center (CDP)
  • Corporate Security Operations Center (SOC)
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